Foundation  The Photo-Club Esch (abbr. PCE) Esch was created in 1919 by some local artist-photographers.
Committee  The present committee is composed of 10 members, who are all hobby-photographers coming from the most various professions.
Members  The Photo-Club Esch has a membership of about 100 people (i.e. 25 photographers and 75 supporters).
Geographic Site  The Photo-Club Esch wears the name of his native city Esch-Alzette, the main town of iron and steel industry, situated in the south of the Grand Duchy of LUXEMBOURG, the smallest state in the membership of the European Community .
Locations  The Photo-Club Esch disposes of a spacious, very well equipped laboratory allowing simultaneous work of several operators. The high standard equipment easily enables both monochrome and color treatments. The studio is supplied with a lot of background-curtains and several professional powerful flashunits. The rooms are located in the ground-floor of a large school building.
Publications By the occasion of his 75th Anniversary the Photo-Club Esch published a Portfolio created by the prints of 11 club own authors.1995 during the European Year of Culture in Luxembourg the Photo-Club Esch edited the picture-book " fotografesch " in witch, on 200 pages with 227 prints exclusively shooted by club members, sights of the city of Esch/Alzette are shown together with its people, economic and cultural life. Since several decades the Photo-Club Esch is publishing every 2nd month the "Bulletin p�riodique du PCE", an own magazine, with photos of his members, the advertisement of the next working program, news of the market and technical devices.

The Photo-Club organizes yearly 2-3 expositions accepting up to 300 prints in different Art Galleries.
The most famous of this exhibitions is the yearly international challenge called " Salon Mondial de l'Art Photographique " , well known all over the world, with the Label of   "ISF" and under the auspices of FIAP and PSA.

In case of interest, entry-forms and rules for this challenge can be called on this home page in the "Salon Mondial" section